• PUTTIST was a Finalist for New Product of the Year at the 2012 PGA Show
  • MyGolfSpy listed PUTTIST in their 2012 PGA Show Top 24 Products!  The only putting training aid in MyGolfSpy's Top 24.

PUTTIST: the “Three-Putt Killer”


STOP three putting Now, Forever! The PUTTIST from PUTTIST-USA is a new digital putting aid that is taking training to the next level. This innovative digital, portable and rechargeable putting aid will help you eliminate those dreaded three putts from your game. Putting is all about practice and PUTTIST allows you to practice anywhere, indoors or out, in your office, on the road or in your living room. No longer are you at the mercy of Mother Nature. With PUTTIST you can practice anywhere, any time.

PUTTIST is a must for golfers at all levels of play, teaching programs or for any golfer who wants to improve their putting skills.



Guys-on-Green-with-PUTTIST K

PUTTIST unit shown is International unit in meters. 
PUTTIST for the US market displays in feet.

Words of Wisdom

I've relied on my putting more than people think. I've never been too technical. Just see the hole and hit the putt.
John Daly

Putting is a fascinating, aggravating, wonderful, terrible and most incomprehensible part of the game of golf.
Arnold Palmer

The only club in the bag specifically designed to get the ball in the cup is the putter. Why not learn it first?
Jackie Burke

The putter is very important. That's half the game in professional golf.
Mark O'Meara

A golfing trophy is merely proof of the putting.
Shelby Friedman

Nothing matters more in putting than it should be kept simple and positive.
Laura Davies

You need to practice a stroke 10,000 times to master it. You need another 10,000 practices to make it permanent.
Dave Pelz

Any time you win a tournament, you win with your short game. Whether it's chipping or putting, you win tournaments with your short game.
John Daly

Generally when your putting gets better, your scores get better.
Roger Maltbie

If a player can't aim the putter, then it doesn't matter how good the stroke is. There is a good chance that the putt is going to miss.
Mike Shannon

It's funny, when you feel good with the putter, the rest of your game starts clicking.
Robert Allenby