• PUTTIST was a Finalist for New Product of the Year at the 2012 PGA Show
  • MyGolfSpy listed PUTTIST in their 2012 PGA Show Top 24 Products!  The only putting training aid in MyGolfSpy's Top 24.



PUTTISTimonials are accounts from real PUTTIST users of how they have improved their golf game and score while training and playing with PUTTIST.

Adam - I can't tell you guys how much of an effect this has had on my putting. Pretty much all I ever play on it is the "7 random" game, and when I get on the course and pace off my putt I know how hard to hit it; I'm not just guessing. I'm left with lots of 18 inch cleanup putts, and occasionally a bomb drops. This is the best golf training aid I've ever used, period.
Andrew - Its amazing how playing a game in my hall helps my golf game soo much!  The PUTTIST has given me more confidence and a better understanding of my putting.  A recommend for any golfer looking for improvement! 

GolfMonger - I have a PUTTIST in my office and regularly do five to ten putts at a time de-stressing in between calls and emails. Usually I get in 50 or more a day. Before getting PUTTIST, I *never* would practice my putting – except when I was waiting to tee off. I can definitely say that I now two-putt a heckuva lot more greens after several months of practice. Now I visually size up the putt, estimate the distance and then hit according to what my muscles and swing know from PUTTIST. It’s helped me to take strokes off my game that work at a driving range never did.

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  • I've relied on my putting more than people think. I've never been too technical. Just see the hole and hit the putt.John DalyPutting is a fascinating, aggravating, wonderful, terrible and most incomprehensible part of the game of golf.Arnold PalmerThe only club in the bag specifically designed to get the ball in the cup is the putter. Why not learn it first?Jackie BurkeThe putter is very...

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